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Dear Shareholders and Investors,

The year 2014 was a jubilee year for IDGC of Centre, as the group celebrated its ten-year anniversary. From the very beginning, the Company has developed systematically and dynamically, strengthening its market position, introducing the latest technology and integrating new areas of business thanks to the professionalism and coordinated efforts of all employees. Today, IDGC of Centre is an integral part of economic development and improving quality of life in the regions in which it operates.

IDGC of Centre utilises hi-tech resources to develop successful, innovative projects related to the modernisation of the electrical grid and operational technology. The Company strives to achieve maximum efficiency in delivering electricity to all of its customers.

Achievement of targets

The year 2014 became yet another important stage in the Company’s development. Despite the fact that our business field reacts sharply to changes in external economic conditions and directly depends on the government’s tariff policies, the Company stood up to all difficulties in 2014. It is with pride that we can say that the Company surpassed forecasts for economic indicators and achieved significant results at improving electric energy transmissions in its grids.

The Company was able to decrease the level of loss in its grids, which testifies to the successful implementation of the energy-saving and increased energy-efficiency Programme approved by the Board of Directors. Since the implementation of an integrated energy saving operational system and the increase of energy efficiency in 2011, the Company’s energy efficiency has grown by 26%.

Strategic perspectives

The priority of the Company’s Power Grids Development Strategy is reliable, high quality, and affordable energy supply to consumers. The Company will stay committed to improving its operations and investment efficiency, supporting financial stability, upgrading and innovating its power grids.

Successful realisation of these goals is well within reach. Overall the financial results for the last year exceeded 3.3 billion roubles in accordance with RAS financial statements. I would like to note the contribution of employees, managers and members of the Board of Directors to the Company’s success. Only the well-coordinated efforts of all members of our Company allow us to look confidently to the future.

Our clients and partners deserve particular respect. All of our efforts are directed at the steady development of cities and companies, thus the development of our client services is a priority task for the Company.

IDGC of Centre has an important challenge ahead. When achieved, it will mainly define the level and rate of the economic development in Russian regions in the Company’s service area. We have all grounds to believe that our Company will be a success and continue to benefit the power grid industry and our shareholders.

Oksana Shatokhina,

Chair of the Board of Directors IDGC of Centre, JSC

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