AR 2014


IDGC of Centre discloses its information in compliance with the requirements of the Russian laws as a joint-stock company, as an issuer whose securities are accepted for trading on the Moscow Stock Exchange, and as a retail energy market participant.

The Company strives to provide the most complete information disclosure, not limiting itself to the format and schedule for mandatory information disclosure in its effort to reach the most effective interaction with the related parties and enable them to make weighted decisions. The main document defining the principles for information disclosure is the Regulation on Information Policy of IDGC of Centre, approved by the Company’s Board of Directors, Minutes dd September 02, 2013 No 21/13.

Positive aspects of information disclosure, noted by the Russian Institute of Directors
1. 100% compliance with the requirements of the Russian Federation legislation in terms of mandatory information disclosure
2. Having a clear and concise information policy
3. Providing free and unimpeded access to financial and accounting information under RAS and IFRS
4. Disclosure of the amount of individual remuneration of the members to the Board of Directors
5. Release of detailed information on all major transactions and related party transactions

The Annual report of IDGC of Centre for 2014 won the category of Best level of disclosure about corporate governance practices at the XVI Annual Report Competition held by the Expert Rating Agency Expert RA.

Within the framework of the XVII Annual Report Competition held by the Moscow Stock Exchange and the magazine Securities Market, the Company’s Annual report for 2013 was entered the short-list in the categories Best Annual Report of a Company with Capitalisation up to RUB 10bn and Best Disclosure of the Strategy and Investment Potential of the Company in the Annual Report.

IDGC of Centre was in the leading group, getting 39th place in the annual rating for corporate transparency of Russia’s largest companies, which was organised by the Russian Regional Integrated Reporting Network.

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