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The main types of activity of IDGC of Centre are regulated by the government, which sets the corresponding tariffs.

Establishment of tariffs for the main business types

Establishment of tariffs for the main business types

* Regional executive authorities involved in state regulation of tariffs.

Tariffs for electricity transmission services

In 2014, two methods were used for fixing electricity transmission tariffs at branches of the Company, in particular:

The regulation method for each branch of the Company was chosen by the regulatory authority in view of the provisions of the Russian Government Order No. 1178 dated 29.12.2011.

Events that affected changes in the tariff policy

From 01.01.2014, the ‘last mile’ contracts were terminated save for Belgorodenergo, Kurskenergo, Lipetskenergo, and Tambovenergo. These branches are covered by the Federal Law dated 06.11.2013 No. 308-FZ On the Electric Energy Sector, pursuant to which ‘last mile’ contracts shall be prolonged until 01.01.2017.

Before 01.12.2014, the regulatory authority decided to review a number of long-term regulation parameters from 01.01.2015. This decision applied to nine branches of the Company; however, after this review, the base level of operation costs was approved without significant change.

According to the scenario conditions of the social and economic development of the Russian Federation, which were approved by the Russian Government, the tariffs of electricity transmission after 01.07.2014 may not exceed the tariffs as of 31.12.2013.

However, in the operation area of IDGC of Centre, the increase of the average single-rate ‘boiler’ tariff in 2014 amounted to 3.6% as compared to 2013. Such an increase in a number of regions was pursuant to the Federal Law dated 06.11.2013 No. 308-FZ, which allows for extra growth of tariffs for electricity transmission services for miscellaneous consumers after 01.01.2014 for compensation of ‘lost earnings’ due to termination of ‘last mile’ contracts.

As a result of the regulation, from 01.01.2014, the increase of the united boiler tariffs for electricity transmission services for miscellaneous consumers was as follows (the data is provided for single-rate tariffs):

  • Belgorod Region and Kursk Region, 7%;
  • Lipetsk Region, 6%;
  • Tambov Region, 5%;
  • Yaroslavl Region, 5%;
  • Smolensk Region, 4%;
  • Kostroma Region, 1.1%.

In the Bryansk and Orel regions, the tariff solutions remained unchanged due to the insignificant effect of ‘lost earnings’ on the required gross revenue of the region because of the structure of the ‘last mile’.

In the Tver and Voronezh regions, the tariffs were not raised pursuant to the Federal Law dated 06.11.2013 No. 308-FZ. However, in the Voronezh region the approved tariffs were higher than the maximum levels approved by the Federal Tariff Service of Russia because of the investment programme.

The weighted average ‘boiler’ tariffs of electricity transmission services, kopecks/kWh

As a result of the tariff regulation, the ‘boiler’ required gross revenue of the Company in 2014 amounted to RUB 80.5bn, which is a RUB 2.1bn (2.7%) increase as compared to 2013. At the same time, the own RGR of the Company decreased by RUB 0.3bn (–0.8%).

The greatest increase of own RGR occurred at two branches, namely, Voronezhenergo with RUB 651mln (17.0%) and Tambovenergo with RUB 280mln (15.5%). The RGR of Belgorodenergo, Kurskenergo, and Lipetskenergo decreased due to ‘lost earnings’ due to termination of ‘last mile’ contracts.

Required gross revenue (RGR)
2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 Share, %
RGR for the maintenance of the branch (Own RGR) 29.9 34.9 35.1 39 38.7 48
Services of JSC FGC UES 11 14.2 14.9 16.3 17.5 21.7
Services of other territorial grid companies 9.7 11.4 12 12.7 13.1 16.2
Costs of the purchase of electricity for compensation of losses 6.7 9.1 9.2 10.4 11.3 14
Total 57.2 69.6 71.3 78.4 80.5 Change +2.7%

Tariffs for grid connection services

From 2013, the fee and rates for grid connection to electric grids are defined pursuant to the System Guidelines as adopted by the Decree of the Federal Tariff Service of Russia dated September 11, 2012, No. 209-e/1.

Pursuant to these guidelines, the rates per maximum capacity unit are set in the prices of the regulation period, and the standardised tariff rate for coverage of the grid company’s building costs, in the prices of the year 2001.

In 2014, over 90% of the contracts were made with privileged consumer categories; the price of services for each of them was RUB 550 according to the Russian laws.

Other categories of applicants used the following options for payment calculation (%) in the reporting year

Average rate per unit of capacity in 2012–2014The available rates per unit of maximum capacity are shown based on the approved RGR and maximum capacity amount for 2014.
2012 2013 2014
3,815.00 4,520.77 5,698.89
Increase, % 4 18 10
The average standardised tariff rates in 2014 were as followsThe average standardised tariff rates were calculated based on the approved RGR amounts for 2014, the maximum capacity, and other physical parameters.
Parameter Rate range by branches Transformer substations for organisation measures Construction of aerial power lines Construction of cable power lines Construction of substations
Rate for coverage of losses of the grid company Min 27.27 176,846 201,568 321.0
Max 606.07 444,150 812,710 2,873.47

Sale surcharges of guaranteeing suppliers

Tariff regulation of the electricity and capacity sale business is affected by fixing the sale surcharges for the following consumer groups:

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