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Key parameters of the strategic development of IDGC of Centre are agreed with the priorities of development of the energy sector, approvedby the Government of the Russian Federation:

  • “Energy Strategy 2030” dd November 13, 2009 № 1715-r;
  • The Development Strategy of the electric grid complex of Russia for the period up to 2030 dd April 3, 2013 № 511-r

Improve the Reliability and Quality of Power Supply

Strategic goals of IDGC of Centre
  • Implementation of the Reliability Program
  • Reduced wear and tear of grids
  • Formation of a unified technical policy of the distribution grid complex
  • Improved customer service
Implementation of strategical priorities in 2014

Within the Unified Technical Policy for PGC:

  • Standard terms of reference were updated for the design & survey work, construction & installation work and delivery of 35–110 kV equipment based on indicators of progressive technical solutions implemented in the new construction, retrofitting and upgrading projects, which are determined by the technical policy.
  • Comprehensive development programmes for 35+ kV power grids were implemented.

Functional short telephone number 13–50 was established for receiving calls from customers of the Company’s branches.

Interactive profiles of services (processes) that the Company provides to consumers are published on the Company’s website.

The number of technological violations at the facilities decreased by 28.9%. The specific accident rate fell by 31.5% in 2014 versus 2013.

Plans for 2015
  • Replace equipment in unsuitable or unsatisfactory technical condition and outdated equipment
  • Organise the system of appointments for consumers visiting customer service offices
  • Implement the service of sms-informing about the execution of applications for grid connection, as well as informing about planned and emergency repair work entailing power outages and the need to replace metering devices

Enhance safety of power supply

Strategic goals of IDGC of Centre
  • Implementation of the Program to reduce the risk of staff injuries
  • Implementation of the Program to reduce the risk of injury to third-parties at the Company’s facilities
Implementation of strategical priorities in 2014
  • The occupational injury rate decreased by 28.6% in 2014 relative to 2013, and by 54.6% relative to 2011 and 2012.
  • The Company spent RUB 500.1mln on occupational safety measures, which is 5.9% more than in 2013.
  • SAP-based Corporate Resource Management Information System Automated Processes of Planning, Procurement, Accounting for Overalls and Special Equipment was put into operation.
Plans for 2015
  • Decrease injury risk at IDGC of Centre
  • Decrease injury risk of third parties at IDGC of Centre facilities

Increase efficiency of the Power Grid Complex

Strategic goals of IDGC of Centre

Increase Efficiency of the Power Grid Complex:

  • Increasing efficiency and reducing unit cost of investment;
  • Optimization of project solutions and improvement of the quality of project management;
  • Increasing load of commissioned capacity;
  • Increasing transparency and efficiency of the procurement process.

Energy saving and loss reduction:

  • Implementation of the Program of perspective development of electricity metering systems in the retail electricity market;
  • Implementation of the Program of energy saving and energy efficiency.

Improve the efficiency of operating costs:

  • Optimise the costs of repair, maintenance and operational process management;
  • Implement the cost management programme.
Implementation of strategical priorities in 2014

Increase Efficiency of the Power Grid Complex:

In 2014, capital investment was spent on the following:

  • retrofitting and upgrading (55.8%);
  • new construction (43.8%).

To reduce specific investment costs, the following measures were taken:

  • Clear division of connections relating to power lines and substations was ensured when adopting the investment programme and reporting on its implementation.
  • The cost approval procedure for investment projects before trading and procurement was developed and applied with regard to the cost of investment projects.

Energy saving and loss reduction:

Losses during supplies to the grid were 9.17% versus 9.00% under comparable conditions 2012 (considering ’Last Mile’ facilities). Plan fulfillment in terms of losses — 106.6%.

The technological effect of implementing measures to reduce electricity losses amounted to 196.6mln kWh, with the economic effect being RUB 529.2mln.

Improve the efficiency of operating costs:

In 2014, the Cost Management Programme resulted in an effect totalling RUB 1.5bn, including the effect of cost reduction amounting to RUB 1.4bn.

An information system was implemented that made it possible to simulate scenarios and evaluate options of the maintenance and repair programme.

Plans for 2015
  • Ensure the planned investment of RUB 11.9bn in 2015
  • Implement a development programme for electricity metering systems on the retail market through investment programmes
  • Carry out technical measures (replace wire with larger section/self-supporting insulated wire, replace overloaded/ underloaded transformers)
  • Develop metering systems through energy service contractsв
  • Switch off transformers during the time of reduced load at the substations with two or more transformers

Reduce the number of territorial grid companies

Strategic goals of IDGC of Centre

Implementation of the Program of consolidation of power grid assets

Implementation of strategical priorities in 2014

In 2014, power grid facilities were purchased and leased as part of consolidation in the following amounts:

  • 719 MVA installed capacity;
  • 5.5 thous. km power lines.

The amount of power grid assets consolidation totalled 27.6k c.u.

Plans for 2015

Extend some ongoing lease contracts and leasing other power grid assets in the regions where the Company operates

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