AR 2014


Air protection

The toxicity of vehicle emissions is controlled by means of the following measures:

  • sensor monitoring of complying with the norms associated with the maximum permissible emissions (MPE) limit to prevent it from exceeding the maximum level;
  • adjustment and replacement of automobile fuel systems;
  • quarterly checkups of vehicle emissions control register (CO and CH emissions) being kept in accordance with the state standards GOST R 52160–2003 and GOST R 52033–2003;
  • instrumental tests in the safety zone, greening up and landscaping of the territories.

Sustainable use and protection of water resources

The Company takes laboratory samples of ground water and wastewater to check its microbiological, radiological, and chemical makeup, carries out the cleaning of sewage wells and networks, and takes periodical water samples from artesian wells.

Working projects for artesian wells, used for water supply, are developed; extraction license agreements are drawn; wastewater is cleaned.

Land conservation and efficient land use

Lab check measurements of quantitative chemical soil analysis and geological examinations are made.

Measures are taken to reduce harmful effect produced on the soil (rectification of the polluted areas): construction of temporary storage (depositing) facilities for oil-filled equipment, used oils, scrap metal, and wooden poles.

Waste processing

We set up separate waste storage areas for various danger classes of waste at production sites and monitor compliance with MPE and MPD regulations at waste deposition sites.

We track the accumulation of hazardous materials, such as mercury-filled lamps, and set up areas to receive waste. The number of branches acquired demercurisation kits for emergency safeguards and elimination of mercury spills and vapours in case of crippling fluorescent lamps.

Production Facilities Modernisation

In 2014, oil circuit breakers were replaced by gas-insulated and vacuum. Unlike oil breakers, vacuum breakers are more reliable, and are fireproof and environment-friendly. In 2014, oil breakers underwent overhaul, oil drip converters were repaired, oil ducts were replaced by ducts with solid insulation. Events protecting wildlife were implemented, self-supporting insulated wire were installed, old equipment was disposed and 205 items were acquired reducing fuel consumption and ecological class of automobile Euro 2 and higher. Orelenergo branch acquired an electromobile. In terms of economy, the electromobile exceeded petrol peer by 5.7 times.

In order to protect birds from impact of electricity on 35–110 kV high-voltage transmission lines, there were 3,016 bird scare devices installed. Bird scare devices BSD–6–10 kV-LINE (399 items) were installed following new construction of power lines. Bare wires on 0.4–10 kV lines were replaced by insulated wires or cables.

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