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Procurement of goods, work and services in IDGC of Centre is carried out on competitive basis, which allows the Company to ensure that funds are applied more effectively, but high quality of services is preserved.

IDGC of Centre procurement is regulated by the following documents:

  • Procurement Policy, approved by the resolution of the Board of Directors of the Company (Minutes dd. July 14, 2014 No. 16/14).
  • Regulation on Procurement of Goods, Work and Services for the “IDGC of Centre” Needs, approved by the Board of Directors (Minutes dd. June 13, 2013 No. 15/13).

Funds allocated for publishing results of tenders and procurement at IDGC of Centre

  • Russia’s official website for procurement information.
  • IDGC of Centre, corporate website.
  • JSC ROSSETI electronic trading platform.
The Company bases its procurement on the following principles:
Principle Principle description
Procurement transparency Procurement transparency in compliance with requirements of the existing legislation, in necessary and sufficient degree for the potential counterparts to make decision on their participation in procurement of the Company
Equality, justice, non-discrimination and freedom from unjustified restrictions to the procurement participants The choice of suppliers, contractors, executors is made by means of holding competitive selection based on equal competitive opportunities subject to non-discrimination and freedom from unjustified restrictions to the procurement participants in accordance with the reasonable requirements to potential participants of the procurement procedures and procured goods, work, services
Appropriate and economically efficient expenditures for acquisition of goods, work, services and implementation of measures aimed to save the Client’s costs The choice of a technical and commercial quotation with overall evaluation of preset price and nonprice criteria, defining economic and other required by the procurement efficiency
Transparency and manageability of procurement Planning, accounting, monitoring, control and audit of the procurement at every stage of its execution in the Company
Professionalism and competence of employees, participating in procurement of the Company Personal responsibility of the company officials as to effective organisation of the procurement, along with the decisions made in regard to ongoing procurement procedures. Trouble-free execution of measures, prescribed by the documents regulating the procurement

The Company implements various types of bids and choses the best suitable option to suit certain objective:

  • open and closed;
  • on-line or in hard copies;
  • rebidding if necessary;
  • pre-qualification if required;
  • alternative bids if required;
  • one, two or multiple stages;
  • post-qualification if required;
  • special bidding for complex items.
Procurement volume in 2014
Items procured, items Amount, RUB bn (VAT excl.)
Total 7,463 24.3
Economical results after bidding 1.0
Open bidding 90.8% from total completed bidding 94.29% from total bidding in terms of value
From e-commerce funds 6,556 22.7
90.54% from total bidding 98.74% from total bidding (without procurement from a single bidder) in terms of value
Procurement from small and medium-sized business entities 5,383 11.9
49% from total bidding in terms of value
Conditional regular procurement 1,991 5.7

Procurement Improvement in 2014

Automated procurement control system was developed.

As part of ‘road map’ implementation pertaining to cooperation with small and medium-sized business entities:

  • Partnership programme between IDGC of Centre and small and medium-sized business entities was approved;
  • consultative body ensuring efficient procurement at IDGC of Centre from small and medium-sized business entities was established.
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