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Following the principles of informational transparency and duly distribution of credible information, IDGC of Centre main priority in PR is to ensure integrated communication with target audience, implementing unified internal and external information policy.

Information Campaigns

In 2014, IDGC of Centre was actively engaged in media activity. Information campaigns giving insight on implementation of programmes for preparation for the autumn and winter periods; improved power efficiency, prevention of injuries with third parties at power grid facilities; detailed procedures for grid connection.

The focus was given to the information support of the longterm programme for reconstruction and renovation of IDGC of Centre power grids, improving reliability of power supply, innovations and improvement of business-processes in the Company, enhancement of dispatcher control and integrated customer service system, introduction of new additional services, implementation of programme for energy efficiency and power saving.

Interaction with Authorities

Continuing interaction with state, regional, and municipal authorities in 2014, IDGC of Centre was actively supporting regional offices in implementation of safe power supply and efficient operation of power grids that got media coverage.

Grid connection of consumers in constituent entities of the Russian Federation in the area of responsibility of the Company was implemented along with continuous interaction with regional administrations and social organisations as stipulated in the signed agreements for information exchange.

In 2014, IDGC of Centre concluded agreements for cooperation between energy sector and regional authorities in ensuring development of agriculture and some specific measures aiming to support agro-industry with all the regions it operates in. Considering importance of information coverage of the abovementioned sphere, there was a lot of work to do. Measures taken by the Company in ensuring reliable power supply and providing conditions for grid connection of food industry enterprises and agricultural producers were highlighted, explaining its importance in ensuring the ongoing production and boosting investment activity of entrepreneurs in the sector.

Olympic Facilities
p>Special attention in information management was given to Company’s activities dedicated to preparation and support of reliable power supply of Olympic and Paralympic Games facilities in Sochi.

Representatives of federal and sectoral mass media could attend specialised events and press-tours in the regions of the Company’s operation throughout 2014.

Participation in Socially Important Events

In 2014, Company’s representatives took part in 32 congresses and exhibitions on federal and regional level.

As part of International Energy Forum RUGRIDS-ELECTRO, the Company presented key projects of cooperation with educational institutions in training of future specialists of energy sector.

In International Energy Efficiency Forum ENES 2014 IDGC of Centre presented Integrated Management System in Energy Saving and Improved Energy Efficiency project. The management system is integrated in all functional activities of the Company and includes implementation of the best international practices (benchmarking) and international standard ISO 50001. The project of implementation of the integrated management system in the Company received ENES 2014 Forum award.

IDGC of Centre is actively engaged in patriotic and social events in all regions of operation.

In Smolensk, the longest ribbon of St. George in Russia was unfolded at the central square of the city as part of Energy of Victory campaign. The campaign was dedicated to the 69-th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War. There were more than 500 young specialists from IDGC of Centre, student labour unions, social organisations, institutions, and regional enterprises. Commemorating the 10-th anniversary, Company employees in Oryol held a large-scale campaign Energy of Generations where the best representatives of the Youth and Veterans’ Councils from all regions of the Company’s presence met in order to carry on the tradition of continuity of generations and pay tribute to the memory of veterans.

In all regions of the Company’s presence an environmental campaign Save Forest Energy was conducted, under which over two thousand trees were planted in the Central Federal District.


Throughout 2014, IDGC of Centre specialists taught school children basic rules of power safety and energy saving. From the start of school year, some institutions held weekly classes where school children were told about safe and rational power consumption and were introduced to modern energy-efficient technologies that can be applied in the household. Up-to-date audiovisual and printed products were worked out.

Prior to summer vacations, Weeks of Power Safety were held in all the regions of Company’s operation. A social project for preventing infant accidents with electricity among students and teachers at schools is a part of IDGC of Centre programme for preventing accidents with electricity at Company’s power facilities that preview a large-scale education. As part of the Week of Power Safety Company’s specialists organised series of methodological trainings for junior and middle level teachers at schools, took part in meeting of heads of country recreation camps, introducing measures preventing infant accidents that are applied in the summer period.

Energy Efficiency Car Run took place in the Oryol Region where specialists of IDGC of Centre conducted classes on power safety and energy saving in the regional secondary schools. There were more than 2,500 school children from 26 schools participating. Energy Efficiency Car Run aimed at promotion of principles of power safety and energy saving for children, as well as telling about energy efficient technologies.

In order to attract attention of wide audiences to social problems IDGC of Centre implements various means of communication: traditional mass media along with modern means of communication — Internet and social networks.

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