AR 2014


With the view to reduce the injury risk of third parties at IDGC of Centre facilities, the following measures are observed:

  • Monitoring electric facilities to keep them safe.
  • Raising public awareness.
  • Ensuring safe performance of the contractors.

Securing of the power grid facilities

In order to provide for securing of the power grid facilities, the Company detects and takes measures to rectify violations as to unwarranted constructions in the protected areas, transfers power lines from school premises, playgrounds, densely populated areas.

Measures are taken to replace overhead lines of 0.4—10kV bare wire with self-supporting insulated wire (SSIW). Additional informational signs and billboards cautioning against electric shock danger are installed in the populated areas close to public places and childcare institutions, along shorelines and fishing grounds.

Awareness-raising programme

Special attention is paid to the prevention of electrical injuries to children. The Company gives special classes on electrical safety in schools. Employees of IDGC of Centre tell children and teenagers about the rules of safe handling of electric appliances and behaviour close to power energy facilities, on what to do in case of emergency. Local print media receive for further distribution handouts on electrical safety for children and parents; subject visual information is posted in public transport.

Safe execution of works by contracting organisations

Safe execution of works by contracting organisations is ensured by means of taking administrative and technical measures, including additional activities, i.e. using video and photographic materials on injuries upon conducting instructions; mandatory checks of availability of design and estimate documentation, then process control documentation, underlying the basis of works, alongside with quality checks of applied goods and materials; inclusion into the programme of the Labour Safety Day agenda of the matter “Verification of work-permits of the secondee crews and construction and installation (C&I) organisations”.

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