AR 2014


In 2014, IDGC of Centre implemented a set of measures for ensuring reliable and stable operation of the grid system of IDGC of Centre in the flood period, and coordinated action for accident prevention and mitigation.

The following was done in the period of preparations for the spring flood:

Flood Committees were established at the Executive Administration and at all branches of the Company.

Cooperation was organised with territorial bodies of Rosgidromet, units of the Ministry of Emergencies, and local authorities for prompt informing of weather conditions that involve intensive snow melting and the risk of flooding.

Cooperation was organised with units of the Ministry of Emergencies, branches of JSC FGC UES, and local authorities for engaging special machinery and floating craft.

Permanent readiness of communications with emergency crews that repaired electric grid facilities was provided.

As a result of these measures, there were no facts of mass power cuts for consumers, process disturbances, grid property damage or damage to property of the Company due to the spring flood in 2014.

In preparation for an accident-free thunderstorm season, the Company took 1,600 steps including the following:

Lightning protection and grounding facilities of the grid system, buildings, and structures were inspected.

Power line and switchgear insulators in contaminated areas were cleaned, and damaged suspension insulators were replaced.

Surge protection of power line sections in areas with intensive thunderstorms was enhanced, etc.

In the thunderstorm season of 2014, the amount of damaged equipment at branches of IDGC of Centre was reduced by 7.6% in comparison with the thunderstorm season of 2013.

Emergency and restoration efforts

IDGC of Centre has the following resources for quality performance of emergency and restoration operations:

1,400 emergency and restoration crews comprising 7,800 people and 2,300 units of cross-country vehicles and special machinery, including 90 high mobility crews comprising 522 people and 166 machinery units.

The branches of IDGC of Centre made agreements on cooperation in emergency and restoration operations for mitigation of process disturbances with 41 contractors, including 118 conventional crews with a total of 984 people, equipped with 352 units of cross-country vehicles and special machinery.

Emergency reserves with a total cost of over RUB 505mln, including basic process equipment.Backup power sources (BPS), 551 units including 141 fixed and 410 mobile units, with a total capacity of 17.53 MW.

In 2014, there were no process disturbances at IDGC of Centre that would involve mass power cuts for consumers and engagement of forces and resources of other IDGC and third party companies.

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