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The Company’s innovative development is carried out in accordance with the corrected Innovative Development Programme of IDGC of Centre for 2013–2018, approved by the Board of Directors (Minutes dated December 28, 2013 No. 31/13).

In 2014, the Board of Directors also approved a policy of innovative development, energy conservation and energy efficiency (Minutes dated June 23, 2014 No. 15/14).

The document defines the strategic perspective as the transition to electric grids of a new technological order with qualitatively new characteristics of reliability, efficiency, availability, manageability and customer focus.

This document is available on the Company’s website.

Areas of the Company’s innovative development

Areas of the Company’s innovative development
Performance indicators of the Company’s Innovative Development Programme
Indicator Measuring units 2014
Funding research and development carried out by other organisations, by contractors (higher educational institutions, scientific research organisations, small and medium-size innovation companies) RUB mln 37.7
Their involvement in projects:
technological platforms RUB mln — 
higher educational institutions RUB mln
scientific research organisations RUB mln 6.3
Number of employees who took further training and retraining courses at higher educational institutions people 708
Cost of further training and retraining courses at higher educational institutions RUB mln 7.1

Projects implemented in 2014

System of practical research of planning, accounting, and control of implementation of the repair and maintenance programme for power grid facilities

The software system for process automation of repair and maintenance of power grid facilities.

The system enables to do the following:

  • reduce decision making time;
  • promptly update database;
  • plan impacts on the property subject to its technical condition and other factors;
  • model production programmes and choose optimum solution options;
  • maintain accounting and control of hazardous spots;
  • control electricity quality.

0.4 kV multi-faceted anchor poles (a patent has been obtained)

Steel multi-faceted anchor poles enable to do the following:

  • reduce the Company’s capital costs;
  • increase the life of supports up to 50 years;
  • reduce the time of constructing supports;
  • raise the reliability of power supply to consumers.

Standard solutions of upgrading operational current systems

Criteria and priorities when choosing upgrading options for operational current systems at regional grid facilities have been developed in view of standard technical solutions.

Standard solutions enable to do the following:

  • reduce the costs of design & survey and construction & installation;
  • reduce the operating costs of standard solutions maintenance.

Standard solutions of developing power grids of 35 kV

and below, which will make it possible to raise the efficiency of operation and reliability of distribution power grids.

Standard solutions enable to do the following:

  • reduce the costs of design when the described and approved standard solutions are used.
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